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    She'll Never Be Me
    You know I'm one of a kind;
    Boy what's this I see,
    This girl she looks just like me,
    Blond hair and dressed to a T,
    You tell me how can this be,
    If she knew I was the one,
    Who used to turn you on,
    But you don't want to talk about it
    When you think you can find
    Someone to fill my shoes
    And you ask yourself why
    That she can't do the thing I do
    And you can't deny
    That everywhere you go
    You see my face and my name
    And it eats you up inside

    You know I'm one of a kind
    There'll never be another me
    Can't get me out of your mind
    You're lost in your own fantasy
    And when you look in my eyes
    Is it hard for you to realize
    She'll never be me

    Why can't you see girl
    That your divinity
    Whenever he's watching me... (fades out)


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