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    I Got Trouble

    Hmm, yeah yeah
    Hmm, mmm..

    I've got trouble, trouble, trouble
    Always knocking at my door
    Yes I'm a whole lot of touble, baby
    Just like a kid in a candy store
    Well, I'm nothing but trouble, babe
    Not since the day that I was born
    Well, I'm as good as it gets
    Give you something you won't forget
    If you wanna spell trouble, babe
    Well, tonight it is the right way

    'Cause baby's got something,
    Something you just can't ignore
    And yeah, it sure is likley, baby
    You'll keep coming back for more

    I've got a wicked taste for trouble
    And I'm never, never, satisfied
    Yeah I'm a whole lot of trouble, baby
    And my evil ways kill life

    Oh, my, my

    Well, I've been itching for some trouble baby
    Every single day that I'm alive


    Come on, baby, come on darling
    Come on sugar, ooh, yeah yeah yeah
    Baby, whoa, whoa, yeah

    Now listen
    Can't you see the way I move
    Can't you read it in my hips
    There's a lot that's going on
    In my pocket full of tricks
    Got some secrets up my sleeve
    If you know just what I mean
    Got places you've never been
    Take you out of your skin

    Well I'm trouble, trouble, trouble, baby
    Always knocking at my door
    Yes I'm a whole lot of lot of touble, baby
    Ooh, since the day that I.. was born

    Yeah, oh yeah.

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