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     Beautiful 4 Words»
    when i try 2 describe
    how i feel when u hold me
    i get butterflies
    i hear lullibyes
    it's hard 2 explain

    like the sent of a rose
    and the sound of the pray
    is 2 precious and 2 wonderful
    2 give it away

    2 beautiful 4 words
    a symophany inside me
    2 beautiful 4 words
    i can not take them lightly
    baby can u hear my saden heart

    on the tip of my tougue
    but my lips r still sealed,
    only voilens,
    and then innosence,
    can show u how i feel,

    and i hear them again,
    at the end of the day,
    i got teary eyed,
    when we kissed goodbye,
    there's nothing i can say,


    must b a million times,
    i tried 2 express this love of mine,
    when it goes this deep,
    when it taste this sweet,
    it's not easy 2 define,


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