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    A Rush Of Blood To The Head Bass
    This is a pretty straight forward song, basically follow the drums for the verses, the guitar for the choruses. Notice how the bass in this song although not readily doing anything that could be remarked as exceptional still is greatly responsible for intensifying the song and the drive. ------------------------------------------------------------ Verses: Bass Is Tacit Pre Choruses ("So I"m gonna buy a gun...") G|-----------|----------|----------|------------| D|-----------|----------|----------|------------| A|-0---00-0--|-3---03-3-|----------|-0---0-00-0-| E|-----------|----------|-0---00-0-|------------| Choruses G|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D|*--------*|*--------*|*--------*|----------|----------| A|*--------*|*55555555*|*--------*|-55555555-|-11111111-| E|-11111111-|----------|-11111111-|----------|----------| G|----------|----------|----------| D|*--------*|----------|----------| Back to Pre Chorus A|*--------*|-55555555-|-11111111-| Progression E|-11111111-|----------|----------| Bridge/Outro - Use Pre Chorus Line

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