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    From: Paul D Subject: Change by Candlebox Change by Candlebox Here's the verse guitar part. It's not exactly the way it's played on the track. I think the guy just adlibs when he feels like it. But this is the basic chord structure (it's a movable 'C'-chord shape). Later on, after the solo, he starts strumming instead of arpeggiating. You can also fool around with the chords for the chorus to make it chunkier as the song progresses. E-|-----------------------------------------------0--| B-|------------------1-------------5-----------------| G-|------0-------------0-------------0----------0----| D-|----4---4-------2-----2-------4-----4------2------| A-|--5-------5-0-3---------3-/-5---------5--3--------| E-|--------------------------------------------------| Here's the power-chords for the chorus: F G D D F G D D E-|-----------------------------------------| B-|--------------3--3-----------------3--3--| G-|--------------2--2-----------------2--2--| D-|--------3--5--0--0-----------3--5--0--0--| A-|--------3--5--0--0-----------3--5--0--0--| E-|--------1--3-----------------1--3--------| Written down_______. Written down_______. Once again, I can't do the solo or any other lead parts 'cause that's not my thing. I've just got a good ear for figuring out stuff. The song's not that hard at all. (By the way, that movable 'C' is also used in the intro to Blossom.) I.G.W.T.-In Guitar We Trust

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