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    This is an absolutely awesome song. It looks really simple on paper, but it sounds so GREAT! The whole thing is in drop-D, and there's only a few chords that are reversed in different sections. The form of the song is really interesting: it's A-B-A, but the A section is a verse-chorus, and the B section has a series of new verses with a big solo that crashes back into the A section in one of my favorite crescendoes ever. Then the A section does one more verse and chorus and then fades out with the chorus. VERSE The intro/verse uses just C and the moveable C that you use in Man on the Moon by REM. For the last unit, you just change to a Cadd9. Or you can call it a Csus2, or a Cadd2, or whatever, no none cares. If anyone cares, that's probably because you're doing music theory homework, in which case you'd call it a ninth chord. Dsus4 (D11) C Major D11 C9 D A D G B e D A D G B e D A D G B e D A D G B e 0 5 4 0 X X X 3 2 0 1 X 0 5 4 0 5 X X 3 2 0 3 0 The picking goes like this: e------------------------------------------------------------------ B--------------------------------1--------------------------------- G-------------0---------------------0-----------------0------------ D----------4-----4------------2--------2-----------4-----4--------- A-------5------------5--0--3--------------3-----5-----------5--0--- D----0---------------------------------------0--------------------- e--------------|------------------------------------------------------- | B--------------|-------------------------------1---------------------5- | G----------0---|-------------0--------------------0-------------------- | D-------2------|----------4-----4-----------2--------2------------4---- | A----3---------|-------5-----------5--0--3--------------3------5------- | D--------------|----0---------------------------------------0---------- e----------------------0-------------|---- | B-------------------------3----------|---- | G----0--------------0--------0-------|---- | D-------4--------2--------------0----|---- | A----------5--3----------------------|---- | D------------------------------------|---- CHORUS For the chorus (Written down...), it's this: and end with this: e-----------------------------------------------|-------------------- | B-------------------------------3---------------|-------------------- | G-------------------------------2---------------|----5----4---------- | D-------------------------------0---------------|----5----4----3----- | A----3----3--5----0----0--0-----------0---------|----3----2----3----- | D----3----3--5----0----0--0-----------0---------|--------------3----- Then one guitar transitions with this figure (clean): G-------0-------0------- D----------------------- A----3------2----------- D-------------------3--- While the rhythm guitar (heavy) plays this to pick it back up for the new section: A----3----3--3--5------- D----3----3--3--5------- And then you go on to the B section, which starts with an awesome riff. e------------------------------------------------------- B----3----3--3------------------------------3----3--3--- G----2----2--2------------------------------2----2--2--- etc. D----0----0--0------------------------------0----0--0--- A-----------------3-h5--5--5--3--3-h5------------------- D-----------------3-h5--5--5--3--3-h5--X--X------------- You can also play it this way: e----------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------- G----7----7--7---------------------------- D----7----7--7---------------------------- A----5----5--5----3-h5--5--3--3--5-------- D-----------------3-h5--5--3--3--5--X--X-- I don't think the cops will catch you no matter which one you use. I just like the brighter sound of the first one better myself. For the Keep on time section (B section verse), play this with palm muting on the A string and a nice open growl on the fifths: e--------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------------------- A----3--5--5--3--5--3-----3----3--3--5-------------------------- D----------------------X--3----3--3--5-------------------------- I'm sorry that I can't give you the solo, but I can tell you that it goes over the main B section riff. After the solo spirals upward and everybody swings into that big, kick-ass crescendo, the rhythm guitar plays these chords: e------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------- G----7------5------------------------------------------- D----7------5------3------5----------------------------- A----5------3------3------5----------------------------- D------------------3------5------

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