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    For You
    For You

    Chords Used:
    B (X24440)
    A/Fm (2X2220)
    A (X02220)

    Verse 1
    B A/Fm
    If you're lost and feel alone
    B A/Fm
    Circumnavigate the globe
    B A/Fm
    All you ever have to hope for too

    Verse 2 (continue with same chord progression)

    And the way you seem to flow
    Circumnavigate in hope
    And they seem to lose control, with you

    chorus - when he is singing the haaaah haaaah haaaah haaaaah part, instead of
    playing the A/Fm, just play the A

    Everyone of us is hurt
    And everyone of us is scarred
    Everyone of us is scared
    Not you

    Your eyes closed
    Your head hurts
    Your eyes feel so low

    Everyone of us is scared
    Everyone of us is hurt
    Everyone of us has hope
    For you (x10)

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