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    Help Is Around The Corner1
    By Coldplay
    Tabbed by Alx Flint you can reach me at pop_culture_ate_my_family@hotmail.com
    Capo 1st fret

    C Am
    Stuck here in the middle of nowhere
    C Am
    With a head ache and a heavy heart
    C Am
    Well nothing is going quite right here
    C Am C
    And I'm tired I can't play my part

    F D
    Come on come on oh what a state I'm in
    F D
    Come on come on why wont it just sink in
    C G C
    Help is just around the corner for us

    C Am
    Oh my head just wont stop aching
    C Am
    And I'm sat here licking my wounds
    C Am
    Well I'm shatered, and it really doesn't matter
    C Am C
    Because my rescue will be here soon

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