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    Ill See You Soon
    #-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------# #This OLGA file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation # #of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or # #research. Remember to view this file in Courier, or some other monospaced # #font. See http://www.olga.net/faq/ for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Ill see you soon -- coldplay tabbed by-- Taya Annable COLDPLAY FOR DUMMIES!!! i love this song and all the tabs i found when i really stank at guitar were REALLY complicated so i sorta made up my own version, yeh ive played this in public so it aint half bad, its a good place to start if u just wanna say u can play coldplay when someone asks what u can play.... oh this is the first thing i have ever tabbed ever so PLEASE email me to make me feel like i didnt do this just to get my name on a website! jeff_junkie@hotmail.com taya ok well here is my extremely abbreviated intro.. 3 strings... love it.. anyway -0-0---0--2---4----------------------------------------------------------- -----0------0---0-4-4---4--4-4---4---------------------------------------- ----------------------4--------4------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok and after uve played that a few times i stik this on the end to actually make it sound like a song not just u stuffing around.... X2 --6-6---6-5---5---2--2---2--2-2---2--------------------------------------- ------0-----0---0------0--------0----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok this is my REALLY basic verse... u can change this around... i normally do but this is the main jist.... -0-0---0--4---4---2-2---2--2-2---2---------------------------------------- -----0------0---0-----0--------0------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- so u lost ur trust....... ok heres the bridgy chorus bit, this sounds best if u slide from fret 9 to 4 and then back up when u play it the second time....i rekon sliding from 4 to 7 is too much.. but each to his.her own.... ive heard it done (semi tragically) before... X 2 and then the intro again --9-9---9--4---7---4---4-5-5---5-5---------------------------------------- ------0------0---0---0-------0-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- in a bullet proof vest..... k thats pretty much it... u just play the sections in the right order... u can pretty much finish on any section that takes ur fancy... ending on an open e string is always nice...

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