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    italian leather sofa2
    Band - Cake Song - Italian Leather Sofa, also the Mission Hill Theme Song Album - Fashion Nugget Tabber - Brenden Cline (feret182) Part A Rhythm e----------------------------- B----------------------------- G-5----5---5-55-5----5---5-55- D-5----5---5-55-5----5---5-55- A-3----3---3-33-0----0---0-00- E----------------------------- / Right here do a quick up-down stroke Part B Lead e---------------------- B---------------------- G---------------------- D------2-3-5------2-3-2 A-3-333------3-333----- E---------------------- / / Rapid up-down strokes Part C Rhythm e----------------------------- B----------------------------- G----------------------------- D-5----5---5-55-5----5---5-55- A-5----5---5-55-5----5---5-55- E-3----3---3-33-0----0---0-00- Right after '...just as long as his ship's coming in...' Part D Lead e---------------------------- B---------------------------- G---------------------------- D---------------------------- A------2-3-5------2-3-2-2---2 E-3-333------3-333--------3-- Right after '...just as long as his ship's coming in...' There are two guitars in this song. The rhythm guitar always plays Part A, except when it doesn't and instead plays Part C. The lead guitar joins in after the first two measures and plays part B. This is my first tab but it's all you need to get started playing this song, I just haven't figured out the solo or outro parts yet. The Mission Hill theme song uses the same riffs as italian leather sofa, but it's about 2 or 2 1/2x the speed. Listen to the songs to get the struming right because its hard to tab. -Brenden Cline

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