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    coldplay - parashoots this is the tabs for this sweet sweet and oh so short (47 secs) song by coldplay. I also added what I figured out of lyrics B Gm Fm E e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|---8---8-------4---4----------2---2------2---2-------1---1--------1---1----------- D|=====================repeat======================================================= A|=====9===========6==============4==========4===========2============2============= E|=7==========4===============2==========2=========2p0============0================= [B] in a haze / [Gm] in a stormy haze [B] I'll be around / I'll be [Gm] loving you al[Fm]ways al[E]ways Here I am, and I'll take my time here I am, and I'll wait in line always always

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