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    Sad Songs And Waltzes Bass
    Contrary to popular belief, there IS a bass part in this awesome song, and its pretty but long and varied. It was hard to split it into riffs, so heres the song as I wrote it Enjoy, and rate it! A1: A2: G|--------------------------| G|------------------| D|--------------------------| D|----0-------------| A|--3--3--2--0--------------| A|--3---2--0--------| E|--------------2-----------| E|------------2-----| Line 1: G|------------------------------------------------| D|---------------0-0------------------------------| A|-0---0---0---------0---0-0-0--------------------| E|---0---0---0---------0--------------------------| Line 2: G|---------------------------------------------| D|--------0------0------------------0----------| A|------0---0------0-0-0---0--0---0---0--------| E|-0----------0-----------------0--------------| Line 3: G|---------------------------------------| D|-------0-2-----0-------0---------0-----| A|-0---0-----0-0---0---0---0---0-0-------| E|---0---------------0-------0-----------| Line 4: G|-------------------------------------------------------------| D|----0----0----------------------0---------------------0------| A|--0--------0--------0---0---0-3---2-0---0---0---0---0---0----| E|0-----0------0-0------0---0-----------2---0---0---0-------0--| THE ORDER: A1 x1 Line 1 x1 A2 x1 Line 2 x1 A1 x1 Line 3 x1 A2 x1 Line 4 x1 Play this in a very continuous order. There are very few rests. I tried to emphasize with the spacing, so watch out. I know theres 1 note wrong in Line 3, on the D

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