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    trouble 2
    coldplay - trouble this is just a transcription of the piano and some of the lyics and the chords I no it's 90% acuret. Intro: e|----------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------------------------------------------------------- G|---0---------0---------0-------------2-0---------0---------0----------- D|=4===4=0===4===4=0===4===4=0=============4=0===4===4=0===4===4=0======= A|=========2=========2=========2=====2=========2=========2=========2===== E|=========3=========0=========3===============3=========0=========3===== [Bm G] Oh [Bm]no , whats ne[Dm]xt a spi[Am]der web and I'm cou[Am]ght in the midle [G]

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